A groin hernia is a bulge that pokes out through a tear or defect in the muscle layers of the groin. A groin hernia most often occurs in individuals with increased pressure in their abdomen. Common conditions that contribute to hernia formation include smoking, lung disease, chronic cough, obesity, sleep apnea, and chronic straining.

Not all hernias require treatment. Many hernias do cause increasing pain and disability, and as a result, hernia repair is one of the most commonly performed operations in the US and many other countries. During surgery, the hernia bulge and its contents are replaced back to their intraabdominal location, and the defect is repaired, often with mesh. Decades of research have revealed that, compared to repairs with only sutures, mesh repairs are less painful, allow a quicker recovery, and result in a lower recurrence rate. Many different repair techniques and mesh products are available, and our specialists can help you choose a repair that is good for you.

To learn more about hernias and hernia repairs, and what we can do to help, please contact our office.

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